In-Service Training

Dream Doctors receive ongoing professional training throughout the year in the form of seminars, one-day workshops, and study conferences.

Training of medical clowns is designed to prepare them for work as an integral part of the multidisciplinary care teams working in hospitals, which is why the training is based on four major elements: 

1.     Sphere of therapy (expressive arts therapy)

2.     Sphere of physical clowning and acting

3.     Sphere of psychology

4.     Sphere of nursing and medicine

Contents focus on the work of the medical clown in the hospital from various perspectives, thus providing a response to the shared needs arising from the medical clowns.

In addition, the medical clowns receive professional group training in a group meeting once a month. This facilitates processing of contents which arise from the daily work in the hospitals.

During the training, mentors place great emphasis on fulfilling the standards and criteria set by the hospital, such as stringent hygiene, vaccinations, and rules of behavior.


Training the medical clowns takes place with the generous assistance of 

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