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PostHeaderIcon Medical Clowns - Dream Doctors Project

The unique Dream Doctors project integrates professional medical clowning into the medical services provided at Israeli hospitals. Established in 2002, Dream Doctors now operates at 20 hospitals throughout the country, with 70 medical clowns active in various pediatric wards and clinics.

The Dream Doctors’ vision is to expand the number of patients benefitting from Dream Doctors and transform Clowning Therapy into an officially recognized and firmly established paramedical profession acquired through a specialized academic training program.

The project aims to develop Clowning Therapy by promoting academic research in this field and establishing a professional community. Towards this aim, it has created a unique BA program in Clowning Therapy at Haifa University that is currently expanding into an MA program as well. Hopefully, fulfilling this vision in Israel will create a global model for Clowning Therapy.


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